B&V is very active FSSC 22000 certified multinational company specialized in the  production of a full range of different agars types for food, bacteriological and technical applications. 

In the last years, B&V focused more and more to develop special agar agar types,  investing in new technologies, always keeping the know-how to modify the performances of its products according to the customer’s specific needs.

With over 40 years experience in agar production and agar applications, B&V is today a well known company in the market, audited and approved supplier for the largest multinational companies, exporting to over 60 countries worldwide.


B&V Vietnam

B&V Vietnam is established to take advantage of the lower costs for seaweed collection and the first steps of the agar extraction.

Expansion Morocco, Spain, Portugal

B&V became shareholder in other agar companies located in Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Indonesia. Long term reliable relationships are created with suppliers and buying agents spread worldwide.

New factory

B&V moved to a new modern factory located in Gattatico, 10 km far from Parma. The new facilities complies with all the restrictive European rules for food production.

Starting from past experience

B&V was established in Parma by Mr. Giancarlo Buzzonetti and Mr. Gianfranco Vitale, who had acquired their experience in agar agar production between 1960 and 1975 being general managers in different agar agar factories in Morocco and Portugal.