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Agar is a very versatile ingredient and has a wide range of applications in different fields.

Apart from the customary uses, B&V team developed special agar types to be supplied to customers that required our help to employ agar in new applications or business areas.

We're ready to study new types of agar according to your needs and specifications. Our expertise is at your service to help you accomplish your next product challenge.

Here below you can take a look to some study cases of B&V customized agar types


art conservationArt conservation

Artworks can be damaged and get dirty by aging and negative effects of air pollution.

Agar gel, poured or pre-formed,  removes undesired deposits (like sulphates of calcium,  sodium and magnesium), effectively cleaning the surface and it is easy to be removed after the application.

Agar can be used in the art conservation of gypsum, plaster, paper, frame and many other materials.



caviarCaviar imitation

Sturgeon salt-cured roe is a delicacy well known for its taste and preciousness. Caviar imitation was developed to provide a cheap and enjoyable alternative to be used in all day dishes as a perfect garnish and decoration. It can be obtained in different colors and tastes.





This techniques is used in different field to give small capsules, coating tiny particles or droplets.

Microencapsulation is mainly used to increase the stability and life of the product being encapsulated, facilitate the manipulation of the product and control its liberation in an adequate time and space.



spherificationSpherification and molecular gastronomy

Cooking TV shows and modern chefs are always looking for new recipes to surprise the public. B&V can supply all the hydrocolloids used in current molecular gastronomy, for example in the spherification process (both liquid and solid core)




culinary replacementCulinary replacements

Many consumers are guiding modern trends of food production toward vegetarian and vegan choices. Agar and other hydrocolloid of vegetal origin can provide the best support to the companies that are looking for alternatives to gelatin and other animal derived ingredients. An example is cheese analogue produced also with B&V agar.





Beer and other liquid products might require a stage of clarification during their production processes. Agar can be used as a clarification agent, as a vegetarian alternative to animal gelatin.




your next application

Your next application!

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