Yogar is a complete range of tailored food grade agar agar powders especially developed to be used in yogurt and diary productions.

Yogar helps to provent milk proteins denaturation during pasteurization process and to guarantee  stability and homogenous texture during storage.

Thanks to the high content of edible fibers Yogar provides favorable conditions for the fermentation of probiotics in cultured dairy products.


Low to medium gel strength (150-800 gr/cm2)
High dissolution rate (80 °C, Pasteurization temperature)
Premium quality Agar type (Knowhow and Technology)
Good water binding capacity and excellent thermostability
High synergy with milk proteins
Elevated content of edible fibers
Improves the texture and the consistency prolonging the shelf life
Can be used in combination with pectins or other hydrocolloids



room temperature yogurt, set yogurt, drink yogurt, stirred yogurt, mousse, puddings and flans, condensed milk