Gelagar is a complete range of tailored food grade agar agar powders especially developed to be used in all different confectionery and bakery applications

Gelagar adapts to different levels of water hardness and has a fast and complete dissolution as the solution reaches the boiling temperature.

It is used in addition or as a substitute of pectin in jams and marmalades, as a replacement to gelatin and as a thickening ingredient in soufflés and custards.


Medium to very high gel strength  (600-1000+ gr/cm2 – Nikkan)
Forms firm or elastic gels with a rapid setting time
Low synaeresis gels
Available in different meshes and viscosities
Synergies with sugar (possible to dissolve together)
High synergies with albumin in whipped or aerated preparations
Cooking stability (also at low pH)
No effect on flavors
Different gelling temperatures from 35 to 43 °C
Different melting temperatures from 85 to 95 °C


fruit jellies, bird's milk, zeffir, soufflé, marmalade, jams, soft candies, gelatins, bakery fillings, ice creams, puddings and flans, choko bombs, cream bananas, doughnuts, angel kisses, tart glazes, marshmallows