Plantagar is an exclusive technical agar agar to be used in micropropagation in vitro, plant tissue culture and plant clonation.
The extraction is processed with an exclusive methodology that allows the elimination of any residual of acid or bleaching agent normally used for the production of agar agar.
The absence of salts, acids and pathogenous agents makes this especially developed agar agar an excellent product for botanical use. Plantagar does not react with sulphates or nitrogenous compounds therefore providing a stable long lasting support of nutrients in aseptic environment.
The product purity and transparency permit a clear and immediate identification of fungi, bacteria or moulds formations.

The extremely high gel strenght (over 1.000 gr/cm2 at 20 °C - NIKKAN) permits  high productivity ratios with low dosages from 5,5 to 8,5 grams per liter.
Plantagar low synaeresis minimizes the risk of excessive water absorption by the plantlets thanks to the gradual release of the gelatinized water content.


high clarity and excellent transparence
pesticide and herbicide free
low salts content
little soluble and insoluble ash content