Pharmagar is a complete system of very pure agar agar powders extracted from very selected seaweeds Gelidium, Gracilaria and Pterocladia of different origin.

Pharmagar is commonly used in pharmaceutical and medical application .

Thanks to the high content of vegetable dietary fiber, Pharmagar is used in food supplements as an intestine regulator.


Medium gel strength  (400-800 gr/cm2 – Nikkan )
Fulfilling EP-BP-USP-JP (Pharmacopeia requirements)
Very pure agar agar powders, low contaminants
Allergenic metals (Cr, Ni, Cd) tested
Very low TPC (total plate count)
Improved suspending and water binding capacity
Offered in fine mesh with a good swelling index


Syrup, Suspending agent, Tablet disgregant , Gelatin free capsule