The location of B&V factory is well served by land, sea and air transports

The efficiency of goods storage and distribution is ensured by the modern company logistics department that carries out careful organization of transport and rapid and punctual deliveries.

We work with efficient and reliable transporters and all our shipments are protected by insurance that covers the entire value of goods transported by trucks, vessels or trains

Thanks to our production and warehouse management we are flexible and can guarantee a prompt delivery of our products worldwide

It is very important to keep a large stock of seaweeds and semi-finished products to guarantee a continuous supply to all our customers even in the periods of poor harvest or shortage of quality raw materials.

We keep a fresh stock of our different agar types and this permits us to deliver goods also with a last minute call.

Top product quality is just as important as an excellent service. For this reason we take great care in executing each order and do our best to meet customer delivery terms.