Meatagar system offers different food grade agar agar powders specifically developed to be used in all the applications where products need to be sterilized or undergo a strong thermal process.

Meatagar has a high tolerance to sterilization conditions and for this reason it is the best choice for food preparations of shelf-stable products where strong thermal processes are employed.

In canned products it helps to protect the proteins and other food components from denaturation and to promote stability and homogenous texture during storage, reducing the shrinkage caused by the cooking/sterilization process.


High stability and high gel strength after sterilization
High thermal resistance
Suitable for canned/sterilized product
Low synaeresis after sterilization
Synergies with other hydrocolloids (LBG, Tara, Guar)


Aspic, Canned Meat/Tunafish, Sterilized Meal